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Spring in Sorrento Coast opens with the beautiful Easter traditions. Tourists who choose the coasts of Sorrento as the destination for their Easter holidays will enjoy  many events .The Sorrento Peninsula is known throughout the world for religiuos processions . During Thursday and Good Friday processions are about two dozen … Read more

From April 14 to 21 Speaking of Good Friday processions in Sorrento means open at the same time , a speech uniform and differentiated . In the Sorrento peninsula , in fact, between Holy Thursday and Good Friday , which are about 20 Processions through the streets of the six … Read more

An incredible event occurred on the beaches of Sorrento in a beautiful December morning. This photo was taken December 7 and has been published in all national newspapers! A beautiful flamingo flew on the beach of Meta di Sorrento and stayed for a few hours .. frolicking in the water … Read more

December .. the month of cinema in Sorrento …Wonderful opportunity to spend a pleasant holiday in Sorrento Residence …You can visit the splendid palace and the Avenue where Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica turned the unforgettable ” Pane, amore e … “Three the splendid apartments in the center of … Read more

Ambiguous figures and popular, between myth and fairy tale, mermaids are the stars of a show that will begin at 18 Villa Fondi, Georges Vallet in the archaeological museum of Piano di Sorrento, in Ripa di Cassano. among the precious exhibits that tell the history of the area, there is … Read more

 A beautiful exhibition until 30 April dedicated to nineteenth-century drawings and sketches of Theodore Duclere the Museum CorrealePAOLO DE LUCA    Will be on display until April 30 at the museum Correale the more than 350 drawings and paintings by Theodore Duclere . On display for the first time , … Read more