From April 14 to 21

Speaking of Good Friday processions in Sorrento means open at the same time , a speech uniform and differentiated . In the Sorrento peninsula , in fact, between Holy Thursday and Good Friday , which are about 20 Processions through the streets of the six municipalities of the Sorrento Coast , Massa Lubrense Meta . The task of organizing these marches sacred , it is up to the numerous brotherhoods that for centuries reproduce the Gospel message of love and charity towards our neighbor . In Sorrento , in particular, there are two events that take place on Good Friday. One takes place in the middle of the night between Thursday and Friday, the other on the evening of ‘ Sacred ‘ funeral . “

The first and ‘ organized by the Venerable Confraternity of Santa Monica based in the ancient and precious Church of the Santissima Annunziata , the second by the Venerable Confraternity of Death located in the noble Church of the Servants of Mary. The first procession that takes place in Sorrento and ‘ traditionally defined as ” The White Procession ,” the color of the robes worn by the participants who parade concealing his countenance under the traditional cap . This procession according to the popular belief is meant to represent the output of the Madonna in search of Figliocatturato and sentenced to death . Beginning in the middle of the night , a visit to the ” Tomb” ( improperly called so , because the new liturgy defines them more appropriately, Altars of Repose ), the return to the church in the first rays of the new day , seem to support this naive popular representation . Despite the late hour , thousands of people attend in silence to the slow flow of hundreds of penitents in white robe and hood , human ghosts that seem to come from a distant era .

The celebration of the Procession of the Dead Christ on the evening of Good Friday seems to give more substance to the popular belief that we talked about . In fact, in popular belief, this processionerappresenterebbe by the discovery of Mary ‘s Son died on the cross . The participants in this case wearing hooded robe and blacks and , to precede the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows is carried on the shoulders the beautiful statue of the Dead Christ by an unknown sculptor , object of great devotion on the part of Sorrento. While the White Procession is definitely more scenic location for nightlife and an almost unreal atmosphere that is created , the Black Procession , however, is the most solemn and majestic. The roots of these processions are very old and probably date back to 1500. In those days it was a tradition to visit the Confraternity of the Holy Thursday evening the churches and monasteries were set up where citizens of the Tomb . The parade was very simple: some undercover brothers roamed the streets of the city with bright lights , singing psalms and carrying a cross, clearance between two spears .

Only probably to the eighteenth century , under the rule of Spanish viceroy and the influence of the Jesuits , then very numerous in the Kingdom of Naples, began to organize processions in the way that you see today . It enriched the shows with lighting fixtures , such as torches or lanterns , with the symbols of the Brotherhoods , banner and pannetto , and inserted the famous ” Mystery ” or ” martyrs” , that is, the symbols of injuries suffered daCristo materials in His ascent to Golgotha. The processions are then closed by about two hundred singers of the Miserere in an atmosphere of emotion are only echo the words of the psalmist David .

It represents the people in his contrition invoking the Divine mercy for the crime committed against his Only Begotten Son. It should be remembered that the Procession of the Dead Christ initially participated only confreres and the Franciscan Friars of the local convent , then very numerous. When in 1806 by a decree of Joseph Bonaparte , then king of Naples , the brothers , according to the ecclesiastical laws subversive , were expelled from Sorrento, iconfratelli ” invited ” other Sorrento to participate in the procession . This invitation is repeated again today and is an essential reason for the celebration of Easter. The participation in the processions is a source of pride for many Sorrento , particularly young people , who are waiting months for this tradition passed down from father to son . To give a further tone of sadness marches are the notes of the funeral marches played at the head of processions by the competent bands . As can be seen from the above the processions of Good Friday are anything but mere folklore but represent the testimony of attachment to the religious roots of Sorrento.



Venerable Confraternity of SS. rosary
Visit to the Altars of Repose
Holy Thursday, April 17, 2014 20:30
Church of SS. Rosario – Via Accademia – Via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani – Church of St. Francis – Via San Francesco – Piazza Sant’Antonio – Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie – Church of St. Anthony – Via Luigi De Maio – Piazza Tasso – Church of the Carmine – Italian Course – Cathedral – Via Tasso – Return to Church


Venerable Confraternity of Santa Monica
White Procession
Friday, April 18, 2014 3.00 am
Via Fuoro – Via Tasso – Italian Course – Piazza Tasso – Via San Cesareo – Via Tasso – Via Vittorio Veneto – Via San Francesco – Piazza Sant’Antonio – Via Luigi De Maio – Piazza Tasso – Via Correale – Via Rota – Via Bartolomeo Capasso – course Italy – Via del Mare – Via Fuoro .


Venerable Confraternity of Death
Procession of the Dead Christ
Friday, April 18, 2014 20:00
Via Sersale – Via degli Aranci – Hospital – Italian Course – Piazza Tasso – Italian Course – Via B. Capasso – Via Correale – Piazza Tasso – Via San Cesareo – Via Tasso – Via Vittorio Veneto – Via San Francesco – Piazza Sant’Antonio – Via Luigi De Maio – Piazza Tasso – Italian Course .
Back at the church , liturgical action with the wood of the cross.