December .. the month of cinema in Sorrento …
Wonderful opportunity to spend a pleasant holiday in Residence Sorrento …
You can visit the splendid palace and the Avenue where Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica turned the unforgettable “Pane, amore e …”
Three Great appartments await you in the center of ¬†Sorrento ….
And you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Sorrento is the Christmas that the program Days of Cinema.

We are big fans of cinema and we want to give our guests the opportunity to attend this important event which is hosted each year by a beautiful Sorrento fully illuminated, OFFERING A 10% DISCOUNT TO ALL OUR GUESTS FROM 2 to 20 DECEMBER.


Do not miss this incredible opportunity,

Residence Sorrento and the cinema waiting for you!